Saturday, 28 November 2015

Train hard, fight easy

The saying 'Train hard, fight easy' is applicable to more than just boxing, you could apply it to practically anything. In this instance I'm going to use it to describe the past 2 days, a PT session yesterday and bootcamp today. The idea is to increase my core strength to help with my running and also getting my glutes reactivated. I left the gym yesterday struggling to lift my arms and then went back for more of the same. The good thing is my cardio is improving for sure as today's session was just as brutal but others had to suffer with me. That said, there's no where to hide, there's only one person who benefits if I train hard or one person who doesn't if I slack off, me. Completing the marathon is a lifetime's ambition with the added bonus of raising money for a very worthy cause, Sense. I will complete the course, of that in certain but I want to finish it well. I will give it everything just like in the gym, when I cross the finish line I will do so knowing that I had given it everything, nothing left in the tank. 
Long run Sunday looms large, I need to do a decent distance, fingers crossed that the weather improves considerably as it been thoroughly miserable here today!

Just £60 will see me exceed my £1500 target, it's so close now! 

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