Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Life gets in the way

Sometimes the best laid plans just don't happen, life gets in the way. That how Sunday went for me.
Monday wasn't much better either and my physio had an accident so I didn't have my appointment.
Today I was feeling stressed, as a result I could actually feel my muscles tensing up but I was looking forward to joinimg the club for a run tonight and clear my head.
I decided to run there and back to help make up for the lack of running lately. It seemed like a good idea at the time. About 4.5km in I could feel my back muscles tense up and pull on my leg muscles, from there on in it was a mental battle. The truth is I should of binned it but I needed the freedom running gives my mind.  As I tried to block out the messages from my legs and back I lost sight of my fellow runners so I took an improvised route for the last couple of kms back to the clubhouse. Signed back in and hit the pavement again. For some reason I decided against the quickest, most direct route home. As I type this from the foam roller I know I was stupid with my physical health but my mental health is better, and that's harder to heal. 

I have signed up for the Bath half marathon in March as part of my training for London

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