Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The road to recovery

On Monday I visited Donna @ Activology to get the issue with my back investigated.  Turns out to be money well spent as even though it still feels I have her elbows or fingers in my back, the actual pain I was experiencing has disappeared.  The root cause is muscle dysfunction which is pulling my pelvis out of alignment.  So when I was stretching underneath the desk the other weekend the muscles were already being stretched and I just overcooked it.  The knock on effect is now it has been diagnosed it can be corrected and hopefully have a positive effect on my notorious hamstrings - win, win!

I'm a little disappointed as I would have liked to have run a few km yesterday or today with Ben Smith on his incredible journey of running 401 marathons back to back but because my back was so painful I didnt think it would be possible so didnt book the time off. Typical really.

However, I did manage a 5km run last night to test the waters and haven't had suffered any negative fallout out so I just need to continue with doing my homework exercises in conjunction with the ones I was shown on Saturday and I should be back in business.

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