Sunday, 8 November 2015


It happens to everyone and it's my turn now.  Yesterday I had a few twinges in my back but nothing too painful.  I hadn't been lifting anything just moving stuff at work and crawling under desks to run power, network and phone cables as part of an office reorganisation. However, I woke up in pain in the middle of the night.  Even lying flat was uncomfortable.  I'm supposed to be doing my long run today but it's best if I don't and try to be patient and try again next week.
I had deliberately started my training earlier than the 16 weeks to allow for injuries and bad days.  As a runner there are some days you can run and it feels great and you can run further than you planned to.  But, there are other days where a 5km parkrun can leave you utterly exhausted before you're even halfway. Those days are hard to deal with, they mess with your head. How is it I can run a 10km race or a half marathon but struggle on a parkrun? Having a charity place in the London Marathon brings with it so additional incentives and motivation; there's the cause - raising awareness for them and of course funds to allow them to carry out their good work.  Also there's the list of people who donated in the process, they're saying that they believe you will do everything you can to deliver, in this case crossing the finishing line in The Mall. It would be bad if I let them down by not being fit enough to take on the challenge through lack of preparation but worst of all it would be terrible to let myself down so I will prepare myself as best as can, mentally and physically to meet the challenge, to complete a lifetime's ambition. When injuries come I will deal with them and find other ways to continue the journey.

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