Wednesday, 6 January 2016

3 weeks later...

Well it's time for a long overdue update...

As you can see from the activity feed over there on the right, I have been making good progress with my running including back to back PBs on 9 mile runs.  I'm really pleased with how things are going so far but now the training really ramp up.  It's all about staying fit, not taking any unnecessary risks and listening to my body.  I have a great team behind me; my wife, my PT, a sports therapist and a sport masseuse.

I set up a TeamSense group on Strava to help myself and others stay motivated, encouraged and included - we're all on the same journey so it's great to see how others are getting on.
A good session on the exercise bike tonight doing a hill program, 14+km in 30 mins and a good stretch so I'm all set for tomorrow night's run.

Fundraising currently stands at £1,545.01 which is fantastic and I'm hugely grateful for the support!

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