Sunday, 10 January 2016

Longest run

It's seems like years ago that I ran the Bristol half marathon but in reality it was just a few months.  Today I ran my longest run since that day in September, very different for a number of reasons.  1) no stitches 2) no water/gels 3) wetter/muddier/colder 4) no cheering/clapping supporters 5) feeling more confident about running that distance.

On the day I was nervous having never covered the distance before, I ate breakfast and grabbed every opportunity for water or energy gels along the route. Today, the only concerns I had were was it going to stop raining and not being 100% on the planned route.

As it turned out the route was ok in terms of navigation, stuck with the crowd for the first half then picked up the pace a bit for the second half. The bit around the lake was hideously wet and muddy from which my feet never recovered. I hate wet socks at the best of times but after only a few km into a 20km was a nightmare. Squelching, cold and wet. The last 10km was actually run in sunshine, a pleasant surprise and it warmed up enough for me to feel my fingers and my ears.  The countryside was looking good except for the large areas of flooding, high water levels in ditches/fields.

I'm travelling next week so I'm trying to get my trainers cleaned and dried before my early flight, I have no idea whether I'll find somewhere to run/train on Tuesday but Thursday's hotel certainly has a gym.  10 miles next Sunday should be ok based on today's performance depite the uncertainly of training this week.  

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