Sunday, 24 January 2016

Longest run

Since the last update I managed a 10 mile run last Sunday which was fairly comfortable, the route was a completely new one and I ran the vast majority of it on my own.  I had a good run on Tuesday night but Thursday night my legs felt tired, possibly due 2 runs in quite cold conditions.  In light of the fact my legs were feeling tired and I had a 14 mile run planned for today I decided to not do parkrun and instead go to the spa to give the legs a heat and ice treatment session.  The jacuzzi was the hottest it has ever been in my memory but the ice brought the legs back down to temperature pretty quickly.  I got plenty of rest but think I should have hydrated and eaten more yesterday.  I was a bit nervous about the run today, a) because it was uncharted territory b) I was testing my fuelling strategy today (a gel pack every 8km) and c) my legs were still quite tired and I was running with someone who wanted a 5min/km pace.

I think the fuelling strategy needs adjusting, before and during the run. At around 15km I was feeling like I wanted to walk a while, by 20km I had a stitch that didn't relent but I was spurred on by the half marathon PB I could see on my watch.  90 days to go until the big day, in fact, in 90 days I hope to be reflecting on another longest run ever feeling even more satisfied after completing my first ever marathon.

Physio is booked for Thursday night so my usual run will be moved and I think I will schedule more regular maintenance visits!

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