Wednesday, 16 December 2015


So, on Saturday I decided to do parkrun - it was wet and muddy but it was nice to take part in it again after a reasonable absence.  It was quiet by the usual standards but still 275 finishers, I finished in 63rd place with a time of 23:39 - i took the first 2 km really steady and built it up. I was aiming for around 25 mins so I was happy with that.

Sunday morning, the rain was falling once again as I headed to Coate Water, upon arrival it stopped, it was mild and I ended up running for 7 miles.  The 8 mile route I was supposed to do was muddy/boggy and having done 3 miles the day before I wasn't concerned about skipping the last bit.

Tuesday night was the Christmas mingle jog (6.5km) with the club, everyone ran together, many in fancy dress. Stormtroopers, reindeers Santas and lots of flashing lights drew a lot of attention from passing motorists, back at the club house there were cakes and drinks to help refuel :-D

Tonight was PT session with George, the hour was spent in a harness with what is effective a bungee cord attached to it whilst I ran, bear crawled, crabbed, pressuped, burpeed against the resistance. It was brutal, I sweated buckets but I hope the results will be worth it.

Last official Thursday night club run of the year tomorrow...

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