Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The beginning

In a bid to keep my social media feeds from being overwhelmed by talk of fundraising and marathon training and mainly for my own benefit, I decided to keep a blog of my training and progress up until the London Marathon.

Historically, I don't have a good track record with maintaining blogs but I'll give it a go.

So, where does this journey begin? Well, it started during the 2015 London Marathon. I was watching the coverage on the BBC, as usual amazed at the number of people lining the streets to cheer those crazy runners on their way around the course. The great thing about the London marathon is the mixture of participants; the elites, the wheelchair athletes, the charity runners, the club runners and those that run just because!

Over the years I've watched the coverage, I've looked for people i know in the crowd and in between the barriers and often wondered how it must feel to participate in one of the largest sporting events of the year. My wife told me that if I wanted to run it, I'd have to enter it first - she was right of course, as she often is. At the time, I hadn't been running all that long and my maximum distance was around 5km, nowhere near the 42km of a marathon distance. However, when the ballot opened I along with 247,068 others applied for a place.

On Thursday 1st October I received confirmation that my ballot entry was unsuccessful but I looked through the Marathon News magazine and found lots of worthy charities still looking for people to help raise money for them by doing the marathon. I submitted an application to Sense and the following day they called me back to discuss it and I'm delighted to say they have accepted my application to represent them.  All I have to do now is raise a minimum of £1500!  You can see how I'm doing against my target and of course, contribute towards it by visiting 

Unfortunately on 19th September I rolled my right foot and have been unable to do any training since but last night I finally managed to go for a run.  Click here for the stats.  Not quick and not far but it felt good to be back running.

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