Saturday, 17 October 2015


Today I took part in parkrun for the first time in 3 months.  Parkrun was my first experience of running with others, it's a free event held all over the world every Saturday. Old & young, fast & slow and everything in between, it really is a great thing.  It was a cold morning but there were over 450 people lining up to run 5km.  I just wanted to see how my foot felt whilst running on the uneven surface, thankfully it survived unscathed. When I first started running, I found myself questioning how the small kid or or much older person were still sprinting at the 4km stage going up hill whilst all I wanted to do was start walking, now I'm full of admiration for them. Fair play to them.
Over the coming months I hope to use parkrun as part of my training as it's a great course, picturesque and full of enthusiastic runners and volunteers to help keep you motivated when you'd rather be sleeping.
22:57 was faster than anticipated but I'll happily take that!

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