Saturday, 24 October 2015


Return of the 6 week bootcamp today delivered by George & Clayton.  The rain poured down in the lead up to the start but stopped for the hour.  It's amazing how quickly you can get out of fitness but I always enjoy training with them.  Simple, body weight exercises like press ups, star jumps, jumping squats, bear crawls (I hate these more than burpees!) sit-ups mixed with interval sprints or pushing and dragging 50kg on a prowler meant by the end of it I was feeling pretty sick. A sure sign of a good workout.

George is great trainer, he's taken me from the point where I could barely do press ups to where I can take part in events like Tough Mudder. Tackling every obstacle head on, not just for myself but helping people before and after me get past the obstacle too.  He believes in his clients and uses variety to maintain interest and ensure that by the end of the session you're cursing him under your breath but ultimately you know you're in better shape. His belief is infectious as he tells you to do something and you do it without questioning it, even though there's no way you'd even have contemplated doing it at any point in your life until he said it.
Clayton is another great trainer, similar style to George and we can have great banter along the way which helps numb the pain!

Fundraising update: £9.99 away from the halfway point! As part of my place I had to be at £750 one month before the marathon so I'm over the moon to be at this stage now.  The sooner the target is reached means I can concentrate on training, sure I can still nag people for cash from time to time but the pressure will be off.

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