Saturday, 13 February 2016

Long run Sunday...

On the eve of long run Sunday, 17 miles to do. Last Sunday I took part in the Longleat 10km, a hilly event that really took a lot of effort. It was different to the 10miles that was on the plan but it was good to run with other people, trying not to get carried away and stick to my own race. I've got 2 more races booked before London, the Bath half marathon and the marathon prep race, 24 miles. I'm still often surprised by how far I've progressed but it's a great feeling to hit a PB or a new longest distance. Running has really helped me keep me sane, during times of stress it gives me an out. That said, the thought of running a marathon often is terrifying and unreal but I'm proud to be supporting Sense, getting sponsored gives me a real boost and a kick up the butt to get out of bed when I'd rather stay under the duvet. 

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