Monday, 15 February 2016

18 miles ia a long way!

During my training my long runs tend to alternate between longest ever runs and a little bit shorter e.g. 15 miles followed by 12 miles followed by 17 miles followed by 14 miles... Yesterday I set out to run 17 miles, I think the route actually worked out to be about 17.5.  However, due to it being the first time I had seen the route and a maze of footpaths I ended up running 18.6 miles and still ended up about a mile from my car! Most of the run was ok, I was was physically struggling for the last few miles so I know I need to get up earlier and get more energy into me.  I also ran without fluids other than my gels so that probably didn't help. I had ordered a Camelbak but it was out of stock with no ETA so I binned the order and paced another order elsewhere to and got a better deal to boot.
Hopefully next Sunday I'll have a running partner again for a 14 mile jaunt around Swindon.
Tonight I'm off to see Jack so he can work some magic on my glutes.

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